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  • 【SAINT VAURNNI】2018 autumn and winter · Take you over the city

    Time: 2018-08-07 │ View:


    Everyone is writing his own story.
    In this city,
    There are too many joys and sentimentality.
    Whether people are happy or sad,
    The city stands there.
    Quietly looking at everything around.


    brings the new style of the new city to the theme of the city in the autumn and winter.
    A simple and elegant cut,The point and line details derived from the architectural elements,
    An urban fabric with a practical atmosphere.
    It satisfies the daily wardrobe requirements of all new urbanites.

    People living in cities are eager to be associated with the city.
    At the same time, it also depicts the city's style and taste.

    The steady color of classic atmosphere is the popular color of autumn and winter.
    The fabric of black bottom white stripes has some elegant temperament.
    Refined and cultured,
    It shows a man's mature and stable side.


    Brilliant and elegant blue color,
    It has a high end atmosphere and a steady breath.
    Interpretation of contemporary men's simple pursuit of urban simple life.



    There are many different dreams in a person's life.
    "Flying dream" believes every man has had childhood.
    With a heart of fire,
    Driving the aircraft,
    Conquer the blue sky.
    When they grow up, they are broken down by reality.
    How many times do you look up to the sky that I once yearned for...


    In the 2018 autumn and winter will wake up your flying heart,
    The new light and extravagant sportswear
    [dynamic profile, comfortable design, fashion tailoring and functional fabrics].

    Elegant grey and black,
    The whole body jacquard design,
    Fashion is all the best.
    A little red will become the finishing touch of the whole body.
    Hand embroidery improves the overall sense of quality.

    A young, fashionable and highly recognizable dress,
    The edge of the cuff and bottom pendant is decorated with the exquisite embroidered pattern of the front.
    Soak in the low tone,
    It makes you easy to get into the fashion camp.

    The hats are designed with the rib cuffs and the hem,
    The whole style is relaxed and relaxed.
    Jogging pants are stereoscopic, and the parcels are better.
    In particular, the injection of brand DNA elements,
    Highlight the passion and fashion of the movement.
    Make the original simple suit add bright spot.

    The splicing design of the steady hue and the red and black stripes,
    Display the luxury charm of the brand.


    Let the UAVs carry their dreams of not giving up.
    Take you to search, explore,
    Go to see different scenery.

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