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  • 【BERNARDINO NODANA 1945】· 2018 autumn and winter, take you to continue the classic and elegant

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    Men’s figures,

    such as architecture, 

    stand tall, 

    and exquisite lines and figures are the embodiment of architectural style.

    In Vicenza, 

    a city that embodies the beauty of architecture, 

    Palladio gave the character and soul of the Italy city during the Renaissance, 

    and the Italian style of grace and style was well known from then on.

    This season BERNARDINO NODANA 1945 is good at discovering beautiful eyes and full of romantic ingenuity, 

    integrating the essence of the city into the stitch line, 

    attaching the beauty of the building lines to the dress, 

    so the

    “style, grace, and romance” 

    of men are the representative words of the autumn and winter of this season.


    There is a man's dream in the city of reinforced concrete. 

    Success is the diamond on the crown of every man's heart.

    In the jungle of this tall building, 

    in order not to be struck by the beast, 

    you should not only armed yourself with courage and courage, 

    but also wear armor to deal with all the sudden blizzard.

    This season BERNARDINO NODANA 1945 designers continue to use needle and line magic,

    meticulously for the jungle warriors to create every armour, 

    "hard, concise, functional", 

    is the brave men to seize the success of the success of the weapon.


    The fabric is elastic, 

    and the upper body is very comfortable and light when it is warm. 

    It is suitable for traveling in winter.




    Tomorrow, tomorrow, where will I be?

    Is it cold on the other side of the mountain?

    What kind of scenery is the farthest place where the sun is shining? 

    Will there be anyone watching my direction at the end of the horizon? 

    The unknown unknown is waiting for me to explore...

    "There is no end of the journey, men have to have faith" 

    adhering to the attitude of exploration, 

    BERNARDINO NODANA 1945 provides us with a line of travel,

    "loose comfort, sports fashion" is the attitude of this theme.

    Put on Bernardino, bring curiosity, explore the unknown world.

    The design of the cap with silver fox hair collar,
    It plays a more decorative role under the condition of keeping warm in winter.
    A comfortable windproof cuff in the cuff.
    The effect of preventing wind and keeping warm.




    There are moments in life when men need to dress gracefully. 

    A fine and well tailored suit for men is far beyond our imagination.


    with exquisite workmanship, 

    to the top quality of the selection of fabric, 

    delicate and unique detail processing;

    through exquisite handmade sewing,

    intimate trial version adjustment, 

    every detail shows the various levels of taste and noble.

    With elegant, classic design elements,
    Comfortable vision and idea of wearing,
    Convey a new feeling of life,
    2018 autumn and winter we are with you
    Insisting on the style of meaning
    Taste the elegance of life

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