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  • "Cohesive and cohesive, create brilliant" San Vinnie's first group building activities in 2018 officially opened

    Time: 2018-06-12 │ View:

          "Concentration" --- is a collective spirit with the same goal, and persists in this goal, not afraid of challenges, unity and struggle.
          "To create brilliance together"---The completion of a great cause depends not on the shape of a single shadow, but the so-called brilliance is to be created by us together!
           On June 9th, 2018, the heavy rain washed away the heat of summer. With the rare coolness of summer, all the Sanvignans came to the foot of Tianmeng Mountain, which is known as the "Aachen". The mission of creating a glory-based mountaineering group aims to consolidate the team spirit, enhance the teamwork ability among members, and inspire the outstanding quality of the members.

         Tianmen Mountain is also a famous historical and cultural mountain. For more than 2000 years, the literati and the emperor have always been eye-catching. In The Analects of Confucius, the king of the king was recorded. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the footprints of Confucius, Taoist, and Confucius representatives, Zhuang Zhou, Lao Laizi, and Guiguzi were left here. Guiguzi practiced the apprentices here, and his disciples were over 100. The famous ones include Sun Yi, Pang Wei, Su Qin, and Zhang Yi. The Han Dynasty historian Cai Wei and others have lived in this mountain. The great poets of the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai and Du Fu, went to visit Mengshan. Du Fu wrote "Yi Yidong Mengke, pity Jun as a brother. Drunkenness, autumn, and the same day." Tang Xuanzong once led the group to board the Mengshan Mountain; Su Shiyou Mengshan made poetry and Mengshan; Ming Dynasty writers public works "Mengshan Fu" sighs Mengshan; Kangxi Emperor winter tour Mengshan left "horse hoof smashing Qiongyao The poem of the road, the peak of the peak on the top of the mountain; the Emperor Qianlong’s southern tour of the southern Mongolian tour has a beautiful poem of "The mountain spirit cover does not violate the commandment, showing my poetry in Yufeng", and Wang Xinjian's "Dongmeng" 》"The breeze passes over the water, the pines are smashing the mountains. The sky is low and the fog is on the road, the road is dangerous in the shoulder. The goshawk patrols Yuyu, the oxen keeps the wheat field. Looking back on the landing place, Haohao a thousand" and other poems, all praise the Mengshan in every possible way.

         Under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Wang Jianyuan, all the San Vinnies, with the admiration of the ancestors, and the yearning for Yimeng Mountain, were divided into four teams of yellow, green, blue and purple, and opened at 11:30 in the morning. The mighty mountaineering activities. In the leisure place, play is not an end. It is important to strengthen the communication between the team members in the process of climbing the summit and cultivate the unity and unity attitude of the members.

         The beginning of the summit event relaxed everyone's mood and deepened the emotions of each other. The fusion of emotions is an important part of unity. The fresh air of Tianmeng Mountain allows everyone to fully exercise their perseverance to show themselves in a comfortable state, deepen their understanding of their partners, and lay a solid foundation for the team's cohesion.

         As time went by, everyone went on the summit. Of course, the first team to reach the top also received the honor of being a winner. The team that climbed to the top also participated in a game that allowed everyone to relax and share the joy of victory. To accomplish one thing together, regardless of the size of the matter, let everyone have a sense of participation and become a part of the results. This is one of the important significance of this group building. From small to large, success in small things can also continue to higher goals.

       Although there is fear of failure in the process of climbing, no one gives up! For the seemingly difficult challenges, we often hold a rejection attitude, but when we actually go to practice, we find that all the difficulties that seem to be overcome will eventually be overcome!

        Encourage people with fun activities and inspire motivation with exciting games! Through this “Heart-Building and Creating Brilliance” Tianmen Mountain climbing activity, I not only experienced the beautiful scenery of nature, but also exercised the body in the competition, showing the spirit of all the San Vinnies who are vigorous and never give up. The style has enhanced the team's cohesiveness and strengthened the confidence of all San Vinnie families. May all San Vinnies take this opportunity to join the summit and seek greater breakthroughs to achieve a greater leap! Gather together to create brilliant!
          At this point, "to concentrate on creating a brilliant future", Shandong San Fanni Clothing Co., Ltd., the first group building activities in 2018 ended successfully!

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