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    Time: 2018-04-09 │ View:

    The cold wind can't stop the care of the footsteps, and the cold winter can't cool the warm heart. On November 23, 2014, the special condolence group of Shandong Sanvani Garment Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Wang Jingwu, the chairman of the company, and Liu Chenghai, the general manager of the company, went to Wangfu Village, Zhonggong Town, the southern mountainous area of Jinan City, and launched on the occasion of the winter. San Vinnie’s “Love to Warmth” condolences.

    Accompanied by Zhang Shuji and related comrades of the village branch, Chairman Wang Jingwu visited the poor families such as Pan Guangyou, Pan Xinguang, Zhang Rongcheng and Pan Lijun, and sent them warm greetings and warm greetings in the winter and asked about their lives in detail. The status quo, the situation of children's schooling and physical health, encourage them to establish confidence in life, believe that tomorrow will be better, and then strive to change the status quo of the family.
    During the condolences, we paid attention to observing the accommodation environment of poor villagers Pan Guangyou. The rooms, kitchens, etc. lacked furniture such as wardrobes, clothes, tableware, etc. placed on the ground; the elderly and the elderly were sick in bed all the year round, and life could not take care of themselves. Our company will According to the relevant situation, we will formulate the next step of assistance.
    Mr. Wang Jingwu, Chairman of San Vanni Company, said in his talks with the relevant leaders of the village branch: “San Vanni is based on the local community. In recent years, various undertakings have made great progress. While the living standards of the villagers are improving, we I have not forgotten those people who have difficulties in life. I hope that through their limited strength, they can help poor villagers and students to temporarily live through the difficulties of life. Poverty alleviation is a glorious tradition of the Chinese nation. As a local company, we must give back to the society."
    Through this “San Vanni love to send warmth” activity, the cohesiveness and influence of our company's corporate culture have been further enhanced, and the family has been truly felt warm and caring. This activity has helped poor families to reach 20 households. For the special hardship families, our company will pay attention to and help for a long time.