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  • San Fanni Clothing Co., Ltd. won the "Twenty Weaving Road, Zhizhi in Nanshan!" "Nanshan Textile 20th Anniversary" "Excellent Customer Award"

    Time: 2018-04-09 │ View:

    On June 16th, 2017, Shannan Dongshan Textile Apparel Co., Ltd. held the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Nanshan Textile Apparel in Longkou, Shandong Province. At the event, there were partners and industry leaders from all over the world. Hundreds of people, including organizations and the media, gathered in Nanshan to witness the milestone of this leading textile company in China and the world.

    Nanshan Textile 20th Anniversary Celebration - Event Awarding Site

    San Fanny Clothing Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the celebration and won the "Excellent Customer Award" from Nanshan Textile Apparel Co., Ltd.

    The ceremony is divided into three chapters: “Tuo Yin Weaving Road”, “Fashion Weaving Brigade” and “Wise of the Wise Men”, including the opening ceremony of “Nanshan Fashion Square”, keynote speech by authoritative experts, strategic cooperation signing, 20-year award ceremony, Nanshan textile and apparel brand big show, commemorative dinner six activities, a wonderful interpretation of Nanshan on the "weaving" and "intelligence" of a beautiful journey.
          Sun Ruizhe, president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said, "Under the Chrysanthemum, you can see Nanshan leisurely." The industry is in the heart of Nanshan, and hopes that Nanshan Group will become a prominent enterprise in the Chinese textile industry, which can integrate "creative, poetic, business".

    As the "China's quality men's clothing leader", San Fanni Clothing Co., Ltd., Nanshan Textile has been working with us for 5 years; the main cooperation projects are garment production and fabric supply; Nanshan Textile, a well-known domestic fabric manufacturer, Nanshan The innovative R&D and the gradual improvement of the industrial chain have laid the foundation for the future cooperation between Saint-Vanni and Nanshan.
          St. Fanny's clothing "adhering to the construction of a harmonious industrial ecology, interpretation of high-end quality of life" business mission, as of 2017, has also started a high-customized cooperation projects with clothing, suits and other Nanshan; about our partner Nanshan, Saint Vatican Nie apparel is full of confidence in future cooperation. It also hopes that Nanshan Group will become a prominent enterprise in the Chinese textile industry, which can integrate "creative, poetic, business" and achieve a win-win situation with San Fanni.