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  • BernardinoNogara bright gorgeous upgrade · Opened!

    Time: 2018-04-20 │ View:

    The European-made Italian menswear brand Bernardino Nogara (Bonadine 1945) has been upgraded and opened! Explore the gentleman's style of Italy, witness the unique charm of Bonardino's 1945 designer brand products. On May 20, 2017, Jinan Yuxin Ginza 4th floor Bonardino 1945 counter opened, grand bargain! Dingli creates classic fashion dress for men.

    The Bonardino 1945 brand was born in Italy, and its long history can be traced back to 1945. In the 1970s, the famous costume designer Nogara infused the new design elements into the product design with the exquisite craftsmanship, with a simple and fashionable design. The elements, the comfortable wearing concept, convey a new life experience. Bernardino Nogara (Bonadine 1945) is a typical representative of Italian style, driving the consistent fashion luxury and taste. Lu Jiana inherits the traditional Italian design concept, and expands the creativity in every detail of the garment to become a new business. Men's success model!

    Italy's top designer Mr. Tuliao visited the 1945 scene of the Jade Ginza Bonardino, explaining that the world's fashion trends have not been tailored by top VIP customers.