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  • Talent Concept:

    The sky is high and the birds fly, and the sea is wide.

    We strive to provide a broad career development platform, to stimulate the potential of each employee, to obtain job promotion, ability improvement, achievement improvement, and achieve employee self-worth.

    Human resources are the source of corporate competitiveness. Excellent employees are the most valuable assets of Saint-Vanni, and we are willing to provide employees with a good working atmosphere, rights and opportunities for training and development.

    San Vinnie advocates the principle of employing people on the merits and the mediocrity; advocates the principle of doing things culture, high-profile work, and low-key people, so that the talents with both ability and political integrity can be reused.

    Sanfon offers competitive compensation and benefits to each employee, focusing on personal development and training opportunities, and strives to build an honest, hardworking, pragmatic and efficient team.

    Career growth:

    1. Perfect training development system

    Based on the concept of “Talent Road”, in order to continuously improve the competency of employees and promote the career development of employees, San Vinny provides training opportunities for all employees. Through on-the-job training, off-the-job training, internal and external lecturer training, development training, middle and high level Diversified training such as management training, and strive to create a unique learning organization of San Vanni, to achieve the common growth of the company and employees.

    The company advocates employees to establish the concept of lifelong learning, and strives to create learning opportunities for employees, enrich knowledge and enhance professional competence.

    2. Employee career management

    (1) Organizational level development process: evaluation of employees → department recommendation → development planning → implementation development planning → achievement of career development goals;

    (2) Personal level development process: self-declaration → career development intention registration → career development plan formulation → career development plan implementation → career development goal realization.

    Talent cultivation is the key to the sustainable development of San Vanni Enterprises. Talents grow through internal selection, training, and hard work, and they must be enriched through introduction, selection, and inspection. All levels of managers are required to guide and cultivate internal talent growth, and all employees are encouraged to recommend and recommend outstanding talents to join the San Vanni business.

    It is the responsibility and mission of every manager to develop a better successor.

    Salary and benefits:

    The company's broadband compensation, partner compensation, equity incentive compensation and other models reflect the principle of “respect for talents and leading performance”.

    Remuneration and treatment of work, unswervingly inclined to excellent employees, according to the principle of market-based distribution, merits and rewards, distribution according to contribution, and dealing with the interests of the company and employees by the principle of shareholder, partner, customer and employee win-win relationship.

    Salvation's salaries include: basic salary, performance salary (based on individual work performance assessment management results), performance bonus (share company revenue based on company operating efficiency and individual performance).

    Sanfonni benefits include: pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance; various statutory holidays, annual travel, holiday benefits, annual medical examinations, employee care condolences, recreational activities and annual meetings.