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  • E-commerce operations manager

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the overall planning, operation, promotion and management of the website, and lead the team to implement the operation plan;

    2. Under the guidance of the company's business strategy, conduct market research and analysis, organize comprehensive planning of the website's overall positioning, structure setting, style design, business direction, etc., and establish the website positioning and development direction;

    Organize the target market, competition situation, customer demand and other surveys, write market analysis and review, plan website operation, business development and product sales comprehensive promotion measures, promote the formation of website business model and design and optimization of related products;

    3. Supervise, control and evaluate performance of website operations projects based on performance and market feedback, adjust market strategies and contents in a timely manner, and ensure the continuous achievement of project operational objectives;

    4. According to the company's business needs, reasonably set the department's organizational structure and positions, optimize business processes, configure personnel, and conduct management, training and performance appraisal for employees;

    5. Actively develop partners, such as agents, distributors, and assist them in developing sales strategies and sales operations;

    6. Responsible for handling customer complaints, various crises, public relations activities and other matters related to marketing.

    job requirements:

    1. Familiar with e-commerce structure and value chain operation, accurately understand product positioning, and certain brand building capabilities;

    2. Strong analytical and judgment ability, can make business recommendations according to market changes;

    3. Familiar with the operation of electronic trading, and be able to complete the work in time according to the company's decision;

    4. Familiar with b2b and b2c platforms, know how to improve website popularity and keyword ranking, and have good market development and marketing capabilities;

    5. High-end men's wear experience for 5 years or more is preferred.

  • Displayman

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Record the display work of the store (including the problems in the display of the store) and fill in the work diary;

    2. Observe and analyze the sales situation of each store, and make timely adjustments to the goods and displays of each store;

    3. Familiar with product knowledge, display rules and requirements of the brands under its jurisdiction;

    4. Assist in the replacement of seasonal posters and POPs in the store;

    5. Inspect and supervise the image of the storefront;

    6. Supervise the maintenance of the exhibition;

    7. Supervise and inspect the maintenance of the storefront facilities, and find out the problems in a timely manner and report them directly to the superior;

    8. Responsible for the practical training of the FAB and display of the goods of the store staff;

    9. Understand the employee's knowledge and display level, develop training needs for each store manager and report it to the manager.

    job requirements:

    1. Education background: design, art major, college degree or above;

    2. Training experience: Received formal display teacher training, training on related software, etc.;

    3. Work experience: More than two years of experience as a display engineer, and experience in studying or working abroad;

    4. Sensitive to fashion, able to analyze fashion trends and fashion elements, design windows, booths, cabinets with photoshop, coreldraw, 3D, LP, etc.

    5. Form a display design system that can guide the staff of the exhibition department;

    6. High judgment on fashion judgment, communication skills, planning and execution skills.