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  • Shandong Saint Vaurnni Clothing Co., Ltd. integrates design, production and textile retailing. It is committed to the comprehensive development of multi-brand operation and fashion retail industry. It builds a business model and team model with the business philosophy of “harmony, standard, innovation and progress”. And the brand standardization operation management system, and set up a product research and development center in Italy. At present, the company has a management team and sales and technical personnel of more than 200 people, with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan.

    Since the founding of the company, the company has always had a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and boldly pioneering and innovating has made the company a leader in the rapid development of the menswear industry. For more than a decade, it has operated San Vinnie, Bonardino 1945, Masoto, and clothing. -HOME and other brands, and the first to open the o2o business model in the apparel industry and the offline consumer store experience model; the company has developed more than 60 branded terminal stores.

    In the next five years, Saint Vaurnni will open up new business operation models according to the market environment, mainly in the community experience store, “cloth-HOME” clothing online platform, high-end department stores, shoppingmall, high-end clothing customization and group purchase customization. aspect. St. Fanni Clothing Co., Ltd. is guided by fashion design concept, high-quality product system and perfect service standards, keeping up with the trend of the times. Through the deep integration of the Internet and traditional models, Sanvani Garment Co., Ltd. is committed to developing into a leading brand of Chinese quality menswear!